Great time

We are having a wonderfull time here๐Ÿ˜Š
We learn a lot about beef  cattle.
The teacher's are verry nice. We have theory and practical lessons.
In the theory lessons we learned about beef breeds, housing, different beef systems and grazing. and in the practical lessons we learned more about handling beef cattle, we learned  about the crush, dehorning and injecting. On our day off we went to aberystwyth for shopping and lunch. After that we went to the beach. It was a realy fun day. And Sunday we had a lazy day with a lot of sun.
On tuesday we went to the livestockmarket in welshpool after the market we went to a roundhouse. We had lunch and went shopping at Charlies. After that we went to powys castle and we had a tour behind the scenes. Today we worked on our written assignment and some of us past the practical assignment! I have passed my practical ๐Ÿ˜ƒ So we are having a good time! See you later!

What we did yesterday and to day

Yesterday we went to the welshpool lifestock sale, it was special sale just for store cattle. We also went to a roundhouse for cattle it is a new way of housing the cattle in the winter, after that we went to charlies a shopping center and there we eat our lunch, after lunch went to powis castel it is a old castle with a beautiful garden. We got i little privite tour behind the sciens of the garden, where they keep there flowers in the winter, after the private tour we went in the castle and saw some beautiful rooms.
We eat dinner at the school, the students made the dinner, it was very good.

To day i did my pratical exam and i passed it(: now i only need to pass my written exam.

Further i have a great time in wales, and looking forward to go the farm on friday

Yesterday we had a day of, so we cude to whatever we wanted. So beacuse we had a shining sun and 19'C  we sunbathed for 2-3 hours. Then som walked up a mountain near Cefn Lea and som played pool or a footballgame. We also had sunday roast for lunch, it's meat, potatoes, gravy, vegetables and yorkshire puddings.
It was nice to have a day of.

First days in Wales

Beef cattle module in Wales is started well. For me all what happen to here and what I have seen, its awesome experience. It has been nice to see how active and highly motivated these young international students are. They also work together very easily. Does not matter where you come from. This is real european co-operation. I am also very thankful to our hosts NPTC group. All is organised well  and people here are very helpfull and nice.

And here is some pictures where students are practising.

Today we were at a farm and de-horned some calvs. It was really interesting to do it ourself beacuse the vet do it in sweden.
We also went through some practical tasks that will be on the practical tests in the end of next week, like how to move cattle in a safe way, drenching and much more.
We've hade a lot of luck with the weather. It's been sunny and no rain. Seeing forward to tomorow when we are going i Abarysthwish (don't really know the spelling).

Sorry for no pictures but I don't know how to transfer them from my gallery to google+.

About Ahene Project

AHENE stands for Animal Husbandry Exchanges in Northwest Europe. The aim of AHENE project is to investigate if we can organise exchanges of European students to follow their school lessons about Animal Husbandry abroad at one of the partner schools.
We offer eight learning modules of four weeks each to students from Wales, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland that are our AHENE project countries. This is a 3-year pilot to see if what we are offering will be good practice for the future.

The 4-week AHENE modules all include two weeks of learning at school and two weeks of practical on-the-job learning. Everything is based on the ECVET principles i.e. learning outcomes obtained abroad will be assessed, validated and recognized. We are learning by doing and are quite enthusiastic about the student exchanges so far! Each partner has identified learning outcomes, knowledge, skills and competences for their two modules. The topics chosen per country combine the partner’s expertise within its…