Great time

We are having a wonderfull time here😊
We learn a lot about beef  cattle.
The teacher's are verry nice. We have theory and practical lessons.
In the theory lessons we learned about beef breeds, housing, different beef systems and grazing. and in the practical lessons we learned more about handling beef cattle, we learned  about the crush, dehorning and injecting. On our day off we went to aberystwyth for shopping and lunch. After that we went to the beach. It was a realy fun day. And Sunday we had a lazy day with a lot of sun.
On tuesday we went to the livestockmarket in welshpool after the market we went to a roundhouse. We had lunch and went shopping at Charlies. After that we went to powys castle and we had a tour behind the scenes. Today we worked on our written assignment and some of us past the practical assignment! I have passed my practical 😃 So we are having a good time! See you later!


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